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Chernobyl Diaries is an upcoming movie that is already creating a buzz from movie enthusiasts that enjoy movies that are in the genre of horror. The movie that is produced by the Warner Bros Company is set to be released in May 2012 and you should really watch Chernobyl Diaries online for free here.This movie is based on the book known as “The Diary of Lawson Oxford” which is written by an authored known as Oren Peli. The book follows the happenings of the Chernobyl disaster that is rated as one of the worst disasters in the world which involved nuclear gas. The book which was released to audiences told the story how the lives of different people were affected by the disaster.
The plot of Chernobyl Diaries rotates around the lives of six vacationers who want to have an experience that is extreme in nature. To achieve this, the young vacationers find a tour guide who is willing to give them the kind of experience they are looking for, despite warnings to stay in areas that other vacationers are visiting. The tour guide takes them to Pripyat, which is a city that hosts the nuclear reactor known as Chernobyl, and was the home of the workers who worked ensures the running of the industry. The city is deserted because of the disaster that took place almost twenty years earlier and left a devastating effect that is visible even after many years. The tour guide then provides the vacationers with a history of the area and why it is abandoned. However, as they explore the city they find themselves stranded and also realize that the city is not as deserted as they were led to believe. It seems that when the explosion of the nuclear reactor happened, the spewing of the chemicals caused the workers at the reactor to mutate due to the exposure to radiation. These mutated beings are the ones that hunt down the vacationers who have visited the city, with their only hope being to hike to the regions that are outside the Pripyat city.

To be able to bring out an unforgettable experience for movie goers, if you watch Chernobyl Diaries which has been directed by Brad Parker who makes his debut as a director of a feature film. The screenplay is written by Oren Peli who is assisted by a number of producers such as Cary and Shane Van Dyke who make the movie come together as per the vision of the director and the screen writer as well.  Some of the executive producers include Alison Cohen, Broderick Johnson, and Milan Popelka among others. Furthermore, Chernobyl Diaries has an awesome cast as well and they include names such as Olivia Taylor, Nathan Phillips, Devin Kelley, Jesse McCartney, Jonathan Sadowski, Dimitri Diatchenko and Ingrid Berdal among others.
Furthermore, on streaming Chernobyl Diaries online it also has a great back scenes team that includes a photography director, production designer, costume designer, editor, visual effects as well as the music that is used during the movies. The individuals in these positions include Morten Soborg, Alexandar Denic, Momirca Bailovic, Stan Salfas, Mark Forker and Dieggo Stocco respectively.
The trailer of this horror movie has also been released to be able to give enthusiasts of the movie snippets of what they should expect as they gear up for its release. The movie trailer is available on a variety of websites that are promoting the movie as well as the official website that has been set up for movie goers. The film is rated as a movie that has violent scenes, bloody images as well as pervasive language that makes it unsuitable for young children and should be watched when parental guidance has been sought. So don’t miss this movie and watch Chernobyl Diaries online free without downloading or completing survey on this website.